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Cool New Internet Fad: Eating for $$$


Our homies over at Jezebel (OK, well, they’re my homie, even if I’m not theres yet) posted something really interesting today.

The internet is known for producing and harbouring many weird fads as well as fetishes.  If you like or get turned on by something, then you can definitely find it floating around on the internet somewhere.

Sometimes, if the act in question is strange enough, it manages to break into the mainstream media and gets covered and ridiculed by fair-weather internet users around the world (barf, barf, anyone remember when their co-workers were all talking about 2 girls 1 cup? How many times can I re-iterate “BARF.”)

Anyways, Park Seo-yeon, a South Korean woman, has been making a full-time living (and then some) by catering to the strange wills of the internet masses.  Every night, she cooks a giant meal and eats it on webcam while legions of fans watch.

Yes, that’s right – people pay her to eat giant meals.  It isn’t necessarily a sexual thing – though, I GUARANTEE that some dudes are getting off to watching this stuff.  Park Seo-yeon believes that people watch because they are on diets, or alternatively, because they are lonely and don’t want to eat alone.


Oh, by the way, she makes more than $9000 per month with this little venture.  How’s that crappy office job treating you?

Anyways, good for her.  I couldn’t imagine eating that much food all of the time without turning into a giant fatso, but I guess she must work out a lot or something.  Hell, if I was making $9000 per month, I’d spring for a personal trainer to keep those pounds off.

Yo, Park Seo-yeon, you hiring an intern or something?  An understudy?  I’ll do it for $4000 a month!

What do you think, if someone offered you $9000 a month to eat a bunch of delicious looking Korean BBQ on camera for a bunch of weird (or maybe not-so-weird, who knows?) dudes, would you do it?

Check out this Reuters Youtube video of Park Seo-yeon eating, below.

I wouldn’t even think twice, personally.

Here’s the article for more info.

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