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Why do People Keep Trying to Invent Sexist Bras for Robots?

It’s been a trend for a little while – that started when news leaked that Microsoft had started research on the development of a “Smart Bra.”

The bra was/is being developed to monitor people’s heart-rates and therefore emotional state.  Based on its readings, the bra was able to communicate with a smart-phone app, with the ultimate goal of preventing emotional eating by highlighting when it was most likely to occur.

Sounds all well and good – except for the fact the bra was apparently extremely bulky and uncomfortable to wear, and needed to be recharged every few hours.

Anyways, a couple of sorta sleazy looking Japanese dudes have created the natural progression to the emotional-eating-preventer bra, which is the chastity-belt-boob-trapper bra.  Here’s the promotional video for their “really cool” new invention:

The “True Love Tester” bra (lame name!) monitors the wearer’s heart rate and collects data which is then sent to an application for processing.  If it is determined that the the woman has done enough shopping, been given enough gifts, and has been flirted with enough, the bra automatically unfastens itself and falls harmlessly to the ground. TRUE LOVE IS SHOPPING AND GETTING GIFTS CHECK OUT MY BOOBS.

Source: poisonivysinful.tumblr.com via Khan42 on Sex.com

What I don’t understand is why we are using technology to cater to these sort of sexist ‘issues’ that women have.

Oh no I’m so emotional and sad I’m going to eat this tub of ice cream unless my Rihanna ring-tone goes off warning me that I shouldn’t. Also I can’t trust myself to stop a dude at a bar from literally ripping my bra off my chest – I’m so confused and naive, please can two Japanese dudes determine through a series of algorithms if I’m in love or not – because if the bra tells me I’m not in love, there’s absolutely NO WAY I’m ever going topless again.

Couldn’t we be using this research to make bras that might actually be helpful somehow?  Isn’t this a giant waste of time and money?  Am I just being cynical?

Further discussion about this bra at Groupthink.

What do you think?  Is there any value in a Smart Bra?

4 Responses to “Why do People Keep Trying to Invent Sexist Bras for Robots?”

  1. lesfemmesvoice

    Besides the obviously sexist aspect of this bra, one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was, “What happens if you wear it and your heart rate gets to a certain point because you’re scared? Or because you ran up the stairs? Or drank too much coffee?” Would the bra just suddenly fall off? Besides that, why the heck do we need a bra to take itself off for us anyway? When we want to show our boobs, we’re perfectly capable of taking it off ourselves.

    • theundiedrawer

      Totally agree with the above points, and yeah, there doesn’t seem to be any distinction between heart rates in terms of ‘scared’ etc. vs. ‘aroused’.

      Meaning, god forbid, if you were getting ASSAULTED, and your heart rate jumps up like crazy, its actually ENABLING.

      • lesfemmesvoice

        Exactly! And isn’t one of the purported benefits of this bra supposed to be that it won’t come off unless the woman wants it to (according to her heart rate, of course). And once again, that idea focuses on the responsibility of the WOMAN to prevent sexual assault, rather than the assaulter. Why don’t these people stop trying to create these weird contraptions and actually address the issues surrounding sexual assault? That would be a nice world to live in.

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