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Dating Etiquette: Leyla’s 5 Golden Rules

When you go out on a date there are certain expectations that men and women have to follow. If your date doesn’t follow these 5 golden rules, then he is not worth putting in the time.

How to know if your date is a bad egg.

  1. Unless it’s an emergency, GET OFF YOUR PHONE! Your phone won’t fuck you, so why are you paying so much attention to it? Seriously, it’s rude. This is a deal breaker for me. How are you supposed to enjoy the date and the conversation if your date is texting god knows whom on their cell phone every five minutes? Either you’re not interesting enough or they’re just an asshole. textingdate
  2. He runs into his friends and doesn’t introduce you. It honestly takes two seconds and shows a serious lack of manners if he starts talking to his friends while ignoring you.
  3. He keeps talking about his ex girlfriend or different girls he’s banged recently. So he’s obviously a creeper and is either not over his ex or wants nothing other than a one night stand with you.
  4. He starts picking at his teeth, nails or nose in front you. Any one of those is disgusting and should not be done on a date…or at all. 
  5. Makes you pay. This is a serious ‘NO’! If it’s your first date the guy has to pay. I don’t care if it’s McDonalds, drinks, or an expensive restaurant. He asked you out, HE pays. If he doesn’t pay for you on the first date, it means he’s definitely cheap and is not a generous person. Trust me, you don’t want to have a cheap boyfriend, it’s terrible.

So when you’re going on a date (especially a first one), make sure to adhere by these rules. They may save you from a disastrous relationship! Have fun dating!

Xoxo Leyla

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