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Penis State

According the Huffington Post, condom seller Condomania has ranked the states with the largest average penis size, based on the thoroughly unscientific metric of who bought what where. That includes smaller and larger-sized condoms. Based on this research it seems that I’m moving to North Dakota, the state of the supposed largest penises and staying the hell away from Mississippi (the smallest penis state).

Washington, D.C. boasts the fourth largest penises of the country...

Washington, D.C. boasts the fourth largest penises of the country…

When people ask me if size matters, I say F*CK yes! Whoever says otherwise is lying and just trying to make you feel better because you’ve got a small member. I know this from personal experience because I’ve dated men who are as big as a chicken McNugget. Sad and unfortunate, but true. By the end, I just felt bad for them because no matter what position we tried, it just wasn’t working. It’s more of a tease if anything.


I went on a date with a new guy last week and things got hot and heavy pretty quickly. I was very surprised at his eagerness to please and get me off. He was down there for what seemed like ages and very skilled in the act of cunnilingus. When I slipped my hand down his pants to feel the goods, I was met with the biggest disappointment. I’m not saying I need a good 10 inches to get me off, but anything less than 5” when hard is a deal breaker. It all makes sense now why he was so good at foreplay. He’s trying to compensate for his lack of size – well, he gets an A for effort!

Women by nature are mostly clitoral, so if you can get a woman to come that way, it’s better than nothing. I personally like getting off from my g-spot so if it can’t hit it, it ain’t coming home. However, guys with big dicks don’t feel the need to put in as much effort because they’ve already been blessed naturally. It’s all about finding the middle man. A guy who has a decent size who still puts in the work or is at least open to learning new things!

As a woman, are you willing to sacrifice a big dick for amazing foreplay? Let me know by commenting below!

Xoxo Leyla

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