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How Many Is Too Many?

You Slept With HOW Many!?

Usually by the second or third date, the guy asks how many people I’ve slept with. I consider myself to be a VERY honest person but never with that. What guy wants to know how many different partners have been inside you? I don’t care how ‘open minded’ and free spirited he is, 9 out of 10 times he’ll judge you and can potentially use it against you in the future. He will see you differently if the number is higher than what he deems normal (especially when you get into the double digits). I personally like maintaining the fact that I’m a ‘lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets’ so my number is for me only.

Is it time to get counting?

Is it time to get counting?

21st century women are sexually empowered and have taken charge as the seductress/sex goddess (or dominatrix) in the bedroom. Times have changed and more women have taken on the ‘player’ role of men, having one night stands and being with as many partners as they want.  Unfortunately, in my experience, people talk and the more dicks you fuck, the worse your reputation becomes. I don’t like the double standard but it’s there. This is why I never honestly tell a man how many guys I’ve slept with. There is always some sort of judgment made and it can ruin the image I’ve crafted so hard to portray.


First of all, it’s none of their business. Secondly, what will it change?  If the number is too high, he may be intimidated. He’ll think, “she’s probably had better sex and a bigger penis”. Of course he’s right but that’s okay, what they don’t know can’t hurt them. Just pet his ego and tell him he’s the biggest and best you’ve ever had. Works every time! 😉

Xoxo Leyla

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