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To Post Or Not To Post?

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. While it’s great for connecting with old friends and remembering birthdays, it’s become an outlet for people to exaggerate their lives and show off. I went out last night and didn’t take one photo, didn’t post any status updates or check in anywhere. Does this mean I had any less of a good time because it wasn’t plastered for the virtual world to see? In today’s generation, we use social media, Facebook in particular, to validate how amazing our lives are.

Did you know there is such a thing called ‘Facebook envy’? Just like in an interview when you put your best face forward, it’s the same thing with Facebook. Everyone is posting pictures of themselves having the best time ever. So while I scroll down my newsfeed, I see a person posing next to exotic animals god-knows-where, others showing off the bouquet of flowers their ‘amazing’ boyfriend got for them (who doesn’t have at least 1, no, 5 annoying facebook couple in their network?), a lot of party pictures (yes, I get it – you like to rave and are a DJ groupie) and oh, let’s not forget the selfies and duckfaces. What they don’t show you, is that they’re in massive debt from all that traveling or that daddy is paying for everything. Or what a disaster they look like in the morning or how hard they’re holding onto their cheating boyfriend. We use social media to craft the perfect image of ourselves so that people will think we’re a lot better and cooler than we actually are.

Why do we do this? Why can’t we just accept how dull and boring our life really is? It’s not a competition to see how many people wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ on our wall, so why do we still look? I miss the days where I’d just be able to go out and meet people in person instead of getting all my dates from FB. What happened to using our phones for calling people and not just texting a full conversation?

So my real question is, when and how does this vicious cycle end?

xoxo Leyla

Read more on this topic in this great article from Elite Daily.

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