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Honey, Let’s Go Condom Shopping

Four Seasons Condoms produced a BRILLIANT advertisement, which never made it on TV because it was deemed to graphic and sexually explicit. Thankfully, genius didn’t go unrecognized: Four Seasons Condoms uploaded the video on their website and their Youtube channel and it has gone viral – with over than 3 million views to date.

The fact that sexuality is so taboo while violence is tolerated in our society irks me to the greatest degree, it seems we are driving down a 2 speed road. On one lane, we have the ever rapid evolution of scientific advancement. Medicine and technology, the best two examples, have made amazing progress in the last few decades, ten-folding our access to knowledge, health, connectivity, security. On the other hand, we have so many people hindering on progress – social, political, scientific, under the pretext of morality and virtue derived from medieval contexts and beliefs. What they do not realize, is that they themselves are beneficiaries of the work from the community that they are trying so forcefully to repress. Their “truths” have been bathed in hypocrisy since the beginning.

Bushmaster Firearms Ad, from GenderAds

Bushmaster Firearms Ad, from GenderAds

Sex is a natural, beautiful part of our lives. It represents the understanding and appreciation of our bodies. It encompasses a wide range of emotions, some of which specific to our species, which, to me, is a breathtaking detail. We need to stop misrepresenting this inoffensive and inevitable natural aspect of life, and focus on addressing real, artificial, problematic phenomena. We need to stop shaming coming-of-age youth for these normal developmental curiosities and urges, and making them feel guilty about the topic of sex for the rest of their lives.

The worst part of it all is that despite society’s aversion to the depiction of enjoyed, pleasurable, consensual sex, it seems to have no problem with suggestion of sexual violence towards women, since, you know, it’s much more normal and acceptable. Oh and also, if you want to just objectify women sexually, it’s fine too. Just as long as they don’t look like they like sex, you’re safe.



Chase & Sanborn Coffee Ad  in 1952, from Augus Whines

Chase & Sanborn Coffee Ad in 1952, from Augus Whines

Relish.it Ad, from GenderAds

Relish.it Ad, from GenderAds

Vogue spread, from GenderAds
Vogue spread, from GenderAds

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