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The Story of Sam

I stumbled upon this beautiful production by Withings. The message is truly compelling to me, as I have and know many people who have a difficult relationship with their own body. It seems like around this age (early twenties to early thirties, depending on people), our bodies change, and we don’t right away realize that we need to treat it with more care than earlier in life. Gone are the days where you can stuff junk down your throats and forego exercise and still be top shape. We need to adapt if we wish to remain healthy, and, of course, happy.

Although the story of Sam is simplistic, I know first hand that It’ll take much more to motivate me to get off my ass on those grey, cold evenings after a looong day at work, I fathom that the goal is much larger. It’s about taking ownership of our physical apparatus, and turning our ineffective whining (“I’m so fat”, “I can’t fit in my jeans, pass me a donut”, “I don’t have time for the gym”, etc. etc. etc.) into joy, into appreciation, and love for our bodies. We can actually enjoy physical exercise. With the same amount of hours in a day, days in a month, we can either live an unhealthy, depreciative and negative relationship with ourselves and our body, OR, we can cherish it by keeping it alive, moving, challenged, fit. And we’re not talking about any specific aesthetic goal, but to discover what each of our own body is capable of feeling, supporting, developing… and understanding the amazing results that a healthy and fit lifestyle can bring to our life.

I hope that this stop-motion will bring as much a smile to your day as it did to mine, and I hope that you can start making a change in your life, if you’ve been thinking of it for a while. After all, any action begins with a seed being planted in your mind… 😉



Real talk, from Beutiful Magazine

Real talk, from Beutiful Magazine

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