Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Why I Love Sweaty Men

This might seem like basic knowledge to some but let me tell you anyways, always date a guy who works out. Seems easy enough you might think but it’s not. Not many people like going to the gym. Who want to stay on a treadmill and run for 30 minutes? It takes a lot of motivation to get your ass to the gym multiple times a week, especially in winter. Also, when you start dating a guy, his normal gym routine becomes less frequent to non-existent. He’s got you, so why does he need to work out? This is why it’s so difficult to find a guy who actually works out all year round, regardless of if he’s in a relationship or not. So here is my list of why you should date a guy who works out:

  1. The sex will be a lot better! If he works out, he’s got stamina. Even if it only lasts 5 minutes, you know it’ll be good and hard. He’ll also be strong enough to pick you up against the wall and hold you there without shaking so you know the sex will be orgasmic.
  2. He cares about his appearance. There’s nothing hotter than when a guy looks just as good with his clothes on and off.
  3. He’ll be down for a healthy lifestyle. You can motivate each other to be active, try new things and to check out those new vegan restaurants. Living a healthy lifestyle is so much fun when you have a partner.
  4. He’s seen you at your worst. If you work out together, he knows what you look like with no makeup, sweat trickling down your nose and with your hair in disarray. If he sees you like that, he’ll definitely appreciate you at your best.
  5. You’ll have a sexy gym buddy who you can work out with at a gym and in the bedroom. If he stays sexy for you, you’re more likely to want to stay fit for him. It’s the best of both worlds.

So get your ass to the gym and find that hot, sweaty guy that you want to see on a more personal level. If you’re already in a relationship, why not make the change together? Be each other’s motivator! Stay healthy and sexy my friends!

Xoxo Leyla


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