Warning: Contents May Be Hot

I Wish You A Successful Holiday Work Party

December means one thing, holiday parties! My all time favorite is the Christmas work party! It’s that one time the year where you get to eat and drink as much as you want while getting your crummy job to pay for it.  You get to show off how hot you really are in your “sexy going out clothes”. It’s the one day where you can use alcohol as your excuse and finally hit on that gorgeous new intern while cleverly placing the mistletoe within walking distance. All this goes without saying, but you want to look sexy and slim, not bloated and full. My answer to this is shapewear!

Forget those granny Spanx your mom wears to dinner every night because time’s have changed and now they have flattering and attractive styles. Don’t hate it before you try it. My favourite is the glamour animal shaping slip by Body Hush. You’re most likely wearing some sort of dress or skirt/blouse (I better not catch anyone wearing a pants suit to a holiday work party!). This dress slip will keep your tummy sucked in all night while boosting up your boobs for a great cleavage and gets rid of any panty line while smoothing out the derriere. So it’s basically magic in a skintight leopard print. Also, if you do happen to go home with someone, he’ll be happy when he unzips you out of your outfit and sees you in that sexy number. If anything, I guarantee you he’ll be more turned on (trust me, I know from experience).

So have fun! Eat and drink your heart out knowing your boobs won’t be flopping out and those love handles/tummy will be held in and slim. Just on a side note, you’re going to look fucking HOT, but don’t flash any body part or your shapewear to your boss or employees…unless you want a picture of it permanently stuck to the wall for an entire year.

Xoxo Leyla

2 Responses to “I Wish You A Successful Holiday Work Party”

  1. Lonnie

    I love that new animal print shaping slip also. It does wonders for my body and boobs. I have worn it to my first Christmas party with a saucey little skirt and top. Don’t think anyone got a pic of me to post on the clubhouse wall, at least none showed up yet. But in it I felt like a roaring little tigress!!! Hot! Hot ! Just like you said!!!


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