Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Leather Pleasure

Can we talk about how leather is everywhere these days?!  I love it.  Celebrities are draping themselves in it, designers are lining and trimming apparel with it, and fashionistas are rocking it, creating solid looks.  But I don’t wanna talk about how it’s being worn on the runway or the streets – I want to take this conversation into the bedroom.

Commonly, when a lover gives you lingerie, they tend to go for lace, silk or satin.  Although these fabrics are classics, it can be fun to push the boundaries a little.  Let’s get kinky.

If you want to introduce leather into your sex life, my number one suggestion is to go for quality.  Rashes and allergic reactions are not sexy.  You wanna be comfortable, mostly because, fingers crossed, you’re gonna get into some pretty compromising positions.  Depending on the quality, you may have to break the leather in, patience, it’s totally worth it.

While bustiers, corsets, panties and baby dolls are a great way to get started, what if you want to take it further?  Maybe explore a leather fetish.  Bodysuits, hosiery, boots… Getting warmer.  Harnesses and headgear, hot.  Nothing says get on your knees and beg for it like restraint pieces.  Whether you’re into lower and/or upper body harnesses, they are a vital part of bondage sex. While there are different degrees of S&M sex, you don’t have to make it your lifestyle to try it once, or maybe twice.

I’ve recently become completely obsessed with the London based label Fleet Ilya.  The quality of the leather is top shelf and the designs are provocative yet sophisticated.  Perfect for getting down and dirty with style.

Gotta go, I’m all tied up here…


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