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Makeup For A Wild Night Out

It’s Saturday night and you’re ready to go out! You’ve got a little black dress on with your killer heels. There is one goal tonight; getting drunk. You’ve put on the final touches to your outfit, your hair is perfectly coiffed and you. look. fabulous. Now, all that is left is the makeup. You’re probably wondering: “Should I go for a bold lip or a smoky eye?” Well, if you’re planning on partying, DEFINITELY concentrate on a smoldering eye.

Doing a bold lip when you plan on drinking gets really messy. For some reason, we always feel the need to reapply. That perfectly lined lip goes from a work of art that I know you spent a good thirty minutes perfecting to a terrible drawing done by a three year old. I know how beautiful that deep color looks, it adds that extra je ne sais quoi but for a hard night of drinking, STAY AWAY! Only bad things will happen. Plus, if you end up meeting Mr. Tonight, you don’t want that lipstick to smear all over your face and his.

Concentrate on those beautiful eyes and really make them pop! Start with a light base (something soft and shimmery, think pale pink, white, or champagne). Fill in your crease with a darker color like brown, charcoal or dark purple (those colors work on any eye color). Make sure to blend! Blending your makeup makes a huge difference and can save you from looking like a drag queen. Make sure to apply a winged tip (if this is too hard, just fill in the lash line with a black eyeliner and blend). It will help lengthen your eyes, if you need help, try this YouTube tutorial. Also, put the color that you used on your crease on the lower lash line, this will make your eyes look bigger. If you want something more dramatic, put black eyeliner on your waterline (inside of your eye). Last but not least, always use a highlighting color (silver or gold) on the inner eye and below your eyebrow. This will really make your eyes stand out!

For your face, try not to go too heavy on the concealer or foundation. No one wants to see it running down your cheeks after thirty minutes on a hot crowded dance floor. Always apply a light layer of bronzer all over and some blush on the cheeks. For lips, go with a light pink and some gloss. As the night progresses, you won’t have to worry about your makeup because regardless if you end up in someone’s bed or with your head over the toilet, you’ll look fantastic!

Did my makeup tips help or do you prefer another look?

Xoxo Leyla

2 Responses to “Makeup For A Wild Night Out”

  1. Lonnie

    Leyla, You make it sound so easy! I try but it ends up a mess! I get discouraged about it.


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