Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Shave or Save?

Impromptu date plans have just occurred. Shit! This is date number five with this little hottie and chances are things are gonna escalade, sexually.

You have exactly one hour and forty five minutes between finishing work and meeting your date at the chosen venue. Quick, prioritize. You are mentally scanning your closet, concentrating really hard on trying to remember what articles of clothing are at the cleaners. You can definitely fit a snappy body shower in without ruining your blowout. Now it comes down to your grooming situation, below the belt, and not the legs.

It’s Friday so technically your esthetician is open till 8, but booking the wax appointment is not the problem. The complication lies in the length of the hair – not quite long enough to wax and not exactly short enough to ignore. Arrrrgggg!! Am I gonna have to shave?

Any woman who has made the switch from shaving to waxing will cringe to the idea of going back. The itch, the rash, how rapidly and intensely the hair grows back… It’s a nightmare. Don’t do it! The only reason girls resort to shaving is, for the most part, strictly a matter of convenience. Going out of your way to book an appointment, travel and spend money are the easy parts, the trouble is waiting for the perfect waxing length. Let’s face it, who is really going to plan their sexual calendar around that factor?

At the end of the day, when you find yourself naked in bed with your partner, none of this really matters. I mean who turns down sex because the landing strip needs a trim? No one, that’s who. Unless they are extremely prudish and in that case, well, how good is the sex?

If the hair has grown a little, own that look. Nothing is sexier than confidence. Don’t try and explain yourself, you’ll just look insecure… major turn off.

Peace, I’m out.


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