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How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

As women, we all deal with unwanted body hair, so when laser hair removal first came out, I immediately tried it. I thought, “This is amazing! I’ll never have to shave or wax ever again!” Unfortunately, laser hair removal isn’t a miracle worker but it can change your life. The ideal candidate has pale skin and dark hair, as it may not work as well with other skin or hair types. Before putting in the time, money and effort, here are some things that you need to prepare for:

  1. You’ll still have to shave or wax.  Depending on your hair and skin type, laser hair removal gets rid of about 50-75% of your hair.
  2. It will hurt! For the more sensitive areas, I highly suggest applying numbing cream. Also, each session tends to hurt a bit more than the previous one because they raise the intensity of wavelengths.
  3. You must ALWAYS shave the area right before the appointment. If not, they charge you.
  4. Exfoliate the night before your appointment and a week after the treatment.
  5. Depending on the area, you’ll have to do a minimum of six to twelve sessions, with potential ‘touch ups’ throughout the years.
  6. If a rash starts to appear, tell your aesthetician immediately. She/he may have accidentally burned you during your last treatment. Put some Vitamin E and it should clear up in a few days.

Laser hair removal will also get rid of any ingrown hairs or red bumps that you may have. It leaves the skin looking smooth and clear (with tiny pores!). I would definitely recommend getting your underarms and bikini done. It will save you A LOT of pain and time, which could be better spent elsewhere!

spread_hellheelsImages from Carlos Chavez and Heel_hells

Have you ever done laser hair removal? If so, how was your experience?

Xoxo Leyla

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