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Sex On A First Date?

There have been a lot of articles written about whether you should have sex on the first date. It depends on the situation of course but my answer is no, hold it in your pants. People try and use the excuse that it’s the 21st century; women are empowered and can act the same way as men. While I do agree with women being all high and mighty, there is still a double standard. If you give it away too soon or too easily you’ll most likely be seen as an “easy slut”. I find it infuriating that men can do whatever they like sexually with their buddies egging them on but when women do the same thing, we’re slut shamed. Here are 5 reasons why you should hold off having sex on the first date:

  1. You most likely won’t get a second one. If you really like the guy and want to see him again, don’t sleep with him right away. If the guy has sex with you right away, why would he put in the effort to see you again? You’ve already given him what he wants.
  2. It builds tension. The longer you hold out, the more you’ll both want it. Also, it makes things more comfortable since you’re already beginning to get familiar with each other.
  3. You’ve only met once…he could have herpes! Don’t you want to wait until the third date to see if there’s a breakout on his face? In this day and age, people are so loose with their sexual partners; you don’t want to catch anything!
  4. You don’t know whom he knows! It’s a very small world; he could be your distant cousin…or your ex-boyfriends sisters’ ex-boyfriend. There needs to be time in between dates to Facebook stalk.
  5. He’ll respect you more in the morning. The likeliness of him calling you back, asking you out and respecting your intelligence are A LOT higher if you don’t sleep with him right away. I know it’s a stupid double standard, but unfortunately, it’s true.

If you don’t care for a second date or any of these reasons then go for it. If you’re only in it for a free meal, then who cares, shag away! Some women don’t want to wait until the third date to find out if he has a tiny penis or if the sexual chemistry is wrong. I completely understand but you can tell if you two have chemistry through a hot make out session. If the guy can kiss well, he’ll most likely f*ck well too. As for size, there is NO harm is sneaking a feel to get an estimate. The dating world is difficult and confusing so it’s always good to stick by some general guidelines!

Sex On A First DateImages from Pinterest and YouQueen

Happy dating!

Xoxo Leyla

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