Warning: Contents May Be Hot

8 Tips For Your First Hot Yoga Class

As a fitness lover, I really enjoy yoga. It helps center my mind and stretches out any sore muscles from a long week.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, hot yoga is just yoga being done in a warm room. The room temperature varies from 25 to 40 degrees Celsius (77 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) so get ready to sweat! Before you embark on this fun exercise, keep in mind these 8 vital tips:

  1. Get there early! If you’re not at least 10 minutes in advance, you’ll be crammed against the back wall with no teacher in sight!
  2. The room is not as hot as you think. I was expecting a sticky, smelly and gross room. Surprisingly, it was a nice toasty temperature.
  3. Everyone is dressed the same. Everyone is wearing leggings and tight Lululemon tops without a bra. Some even dress partially naked (show offs).
  4. You. Will. Sweat. You would expect to sweat from any sort of physical exercise but hot yoga will really get the sweat trickling down your face. And body. And mat (a mat towel is probably a good idea – Yogitoes makes some really great ones).
  5. Everyone smells bad; it’s not just you.
  6. It’s really not for all levels. You have to be in some sort of decent physical shape to participate. Otherwise, you’ll be lying down for the entire class.
  7. Do not eat ANY dairy products before a hot yoga class because you may accidentally fart in class. And if you do, don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us.
  8. Drink water. Loads. Before, during, and after.

PS: I recently made the switch from plastic to glass water bottle, and the difference is colossal! The water tastes super crisp and clean, even after a whole day in your bag.

Any other tips you’d like to recommend or have I covered them all?


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