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6 Reasons Why He Cheated On You

OK. It sucks, your boyfriend cheated on you and you’re really wondering why he would do something like that. When you discovered, you couldn’t hear anything else but “LIES, LIES, LIES”. Here are the actual reasons he cheated on you:

1. He’s a douchbag

You’ve been in a relationship for a bit more than 6 months and he started going on “ragers” with his friends again. He’s constantly going on boy’s night and not disclosing where he’s going. He says you’re trying to control him when clearly you just want to know because you care. He’s probably a douchbag and testing out the water to see if he still got it, he wants to see if he can get better than you.

2. You don’t look as good as you used to

When he met you, you were a foxy lady; your hair was always well done, perfect makeup, 15 pounds lighter and your casual wear didn’t include sweat pants. You basically don’t look like what he signed up in the first place. He’s right, don’t let yourself go when you’re in a relationship. You might have the same personality, but closing his eyes while having sex with you is just not a possibility.

3. His vengeance

You get mad at him all the time for stupid things and he really thinks you’re annoying. The bartender he met at the bar just doesn’t give out that crazy vibe. She seems stupid enough to not care about much, he knows she would just adore everything about him. It’s his passive aggressive way of saying: “Go to Hell”.

4. You’re not giving him any
Every time he wants some, you always have a good reason: you’re tired, you have your period, you’re not into it… Secondly, you also can’t remember the last time you did it with him. If you’re ranging lower than once a month this guy needs to be fed, throw him a bone or someone else will.

5. He’s a pussy

The typical story, a hot drunk girl threw herself in front of him and he couldn’t say no to her. He’s too much of a pussy to refuse some pussy. This is probably the worst reason and probably the one he will use to get out of this pickle

6. He doesn’t love you anymore

If none of the reasons above apply to your case, he probably doesn’t love you anymore. It’s not only his penis that wants to see other things, his head also. Wake up.

Oh, did I mention that it’s most probably #6 whatever he says. Break up with him already. He doesn’t deserve you.

“Cheating is a choice not a mistake” – Cheesy Tumblr Quote.

Lily Penelope


2 Responses to “6 Reasons Why He Cheated On You”

  1. David Cohen

    this is a terribly written article. Content is silly and mediocre, nothing clever at all and the written english is nauseating. Please do not let immigrants who cannot properly write English contribute to your blog….it’s just wrong.


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