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The G-Spot Finder

g spot finder

This position is incredible; it is one of my favourites. To be completely honest I only do this position when I am in a relationship.  I personally don’t feel comfortable in this position with a one-night stand or even someone I’ve been dating for a while.  The reason why I like this position is probably because the penis can really go deep and can really hit the G-Spot. Did I mention that you need to be kind of flexible to actually enjoy the position?

To your yoga mats!

What you need to do:

You need to lie on your back and relax your legs… that’s about all! Try as much as possible to have them straight up and relaxed.

What he needs to do:

He needs to kneel and raise your legs over his head, one leg on each shoulder, if you’re not flexible enough, that’s fine he can rest your calves on his chest.. He needs to align himself with your vagina and enter gently. He needs to know that this position is extremely intense. He needs to thrust up and down and from to side to side to find the G-Spot, once he did, let him know and let the good times roll.

Pro Tip:

If he has a free hand he should try rubbing your vagina, increasing your pleasure.

g spot finder

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