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5 Wallet-Friendly Items For Romantics On A Budget

My boyfriend and I recently purchased our first piece of real estate a few months ago, after four years at our rental. We paid a great price for the new apartment, but of course, it needed some work and a whole lot of TLC. Soon enough, we realized that many changes of habits were in order. Trendy restaurant date nights – so long. Lavish anniversary celebrations – see you next year, maybe. Financial problems are well known to be one of the main culprits of ruined relationships, and we decided to face this new challenge by making romance happen despite being on a tight budget. It all comes down to exercising a little bit of creativity and having a few key items that never fail to set the mood. Here is a list of 5 budget-friendly, romance-appropriate props and the different ways they can be used to get amorous on a budget.

1. Candles

Obvious staple. Candles are a cheap,easy and fail-proof way to set ambiance. There are just so many different things you can do with candles. Tea lights all over the apartment floor, to set the table, along the bathtub… Wherever they’re not a hazard, you can place them. Candles are one of those should-be tacky things that can never be tacky – that is, when the lights are out. Mood, guaranteed.

romantic candles

2. Music

I make playlists for everything. Workouts, commutes, cooking and of course sexytime. If you’ve got more time on your hands you can even create a playlist that accompanies the activities throughout your day (or night).

People dancing Romantic

3. Chocolate

There are so many things you can make with chocolate, and it’s a sexy way to conclude a meal. The great thing about chocolate is that the options are just as delicious regardless what level of skills you have in the kitchen. From chocolate fondue to fondant, it’s a sure-fire ingredient for a seductive evening.


4. Bubble bath

Bubble bath is another obvious, cliché items that you can roll your eyes at. But, you both need to wash, so why not turn this mundane activity into a sensual, bonding activity? Two birds with one stone, for you pragmatics. Substitute with a shower, if you prefer, but just make sure that you get each other squeaky clean.


5. Massage oil

There is probably nothing better than a relaxing massage to turn the heat up. Start off with the both of you naked, and before long you’ll notice a 3rd limb getting in on the rubbing. The cherry on the sundae is that the massage oil that is already all over your bodies is also lube in disguise. Massage oils are cheap and you can simply get one from the drug store, just make sure that it’s 100% natural.

massage oil romantic

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